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Satellite Communications for Off-Grid Adventures, Business Continuity or Just Staying Connected


Welcome to Chroma SATcom,

The best place to find the satellite communications solution that will keep you talking.

Chroma SATcom is operated by Chroma Communications Inc, which opened its doors in 1984 to provide two-way radio and satellite solutions for business continuity and remote-area work-sites.

In 2003, we created Chroma SATcom to meet the demand for a dependable satellite equipment and airtime provider that truly understands the unique needs of these sectors.

Why are we more knowledgeable than “the other guys”?

Most of our customers rely on satellite communications for business continuity and emergency preparedness. As a result, everyone here at Chroma SATcom has been trained to understand the importance of reliable and versatile communication solutions. This mindset ensures that we not only provide the equipment to keep you talking, but also offer superior customer support and airtime services so you can stay connected with ease.

We are satellite communications specialists:

Our goal is to educate you through the buying process to ensure you truly understand which product will work best for you. We believe that an informed customer is a satisfied customer—and the success of our business depends on your satisfaction.

One final thing, in case you were wondering:

The word Chroma refers to “the purity of a colour, or its freedom from white or gray.” We chose the name “Chroma” to signify how well we stand out amongst the sea of black and white competition—they merely sell product, we provide solutions that keep you talking!

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Why Shop With Us?

We know you have a lot of options. Here’s why you should consider us.


Customer Focused

You’re needs are unique—we help you get the solution that meets them best. You’ll find that our rich product listings include as much information as we could cram in, along with high-res pictures and product videos to help you really understand what you’re buying. Not only that, but we make it easy to find the solution for your special requirements with the Product Selection Wizard on our homepage.

After-Hour Support

If you rely on satellite communications, you need it to work. We realize that problems arise at the most inconvenient times—which is why we offer after-hour support for all of our customers who need urgent assistance. This is a complimentary service that we provide. So if your needs are urgent, phone us—we have staff on-call to provide telephone support for urgent matters outside of our normal office hours. Learn more.

Complimentary Service Benefits — Save Money & Time.

You need the best possible experience when using your satellite equipment—you want to avoid costly airtime bills and the hassle of managing your airtime. We feel the same way, which is why we offer a suite of complimentary service benefits for most of our satellite airtime plans. These help to automatically control your airtime usage—saving you money, simplify certain processes, and improve your experience overall.

FREE Shipping

For our customers in Canada and the USA:

When you purchase a satellite phone, satellite hotspot, portable satellite Internet terminal or mobile satellite Internet terminal, in conjunction with a prepaid or postpaid airtime plan, you get FREE Shipping.

If you need a satellite solution for off-grid communications, business continuity or just staying connected, there’s no better place than Chroma SATcom. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business, and will ensure you’re nothing less than thrilled with your experience.


Client Experiences - what others have to say