GO! Monthly Plans

Flexible, pay-as-you-go monthly Iridium GO! Plans

Monthly Iridium GO! plans from Chroma SATcom include varying amounts of voice minutes, data minutes and text messages to keep you talking as much, or as little, as you need.

We offer the most flexible Iridium GO! plans in the industry—don’t get caught up in long term contracts, we bill on a monthly basis and give you the freedom to cancel or change plans anytime* (see the “billing details” tab above for more information).

Consider the “Iridium GO! Unlimited plan”—it offers incredible value:

  • Unlimited data every month—great for email and weather updates (popular among sailors).
  • Unlimited text messages every month—great for a cost-saving way to communicate.
  • Up to 150 voice minutes every month—great for times when texting just won’t do.

Here’s how we stack up against the competition:

  • Included outgoing airtime bundles in all monthly plans.
  • Included airtime can be used for voice, data or both (unless otherwise specified).
  • Free voicemail and call display.
  • Free incoming calls and texts from landline and cellular phone numbers.
  • Custom corporate plans available.
  • Pooled airtime plans available for accounts with multiple Iridium GO! devices.
    • Share your included airtime across all the GO! devices on your account.