Globalstar Voice Services from Chroma Satcom

Inexpensive, Flexible Satellite Phone Airtime

Our Globalstar voice services are affordable options for basic, yet reliable, satellite phone connectivity. Globalstar’s monthly, annual, and prepaid plans are among the lowest priced satellite phone services and their network provides the best audio quality in the industry

Overall, Globalstar’s voice services are quite dependable within their primary coverage zone (see the coverage map below), and while they do not provide comprehensive global coverage, they do work as advertised to provide high-quality voice and low-speed data satellite services in specific regions of the world.

You can make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages (with the Sat-Fi product only—the GSP-1700 phone can only receive 35 character texts), access GPS information (only during a call) and receive a low-speed data connection for sending small emails.

Globalstar Airtime Plans

Subscribe to one of our monthly, annual or prepaid satellite phone plans to access Globalstar’s voice services.

We Globalstar airtime plans to suit different needs and budgets and every voice plan comes with a low-speed data connection.

As an added bonus, every Globalstar phone is given an in-country, “local” phone number, when compared to any other satellite network—it’s much cheaper for people to call you, and it’s cheaper for them to receive a call from you as well.

Globalstar Monthly Plans

Ideal For:

Using your Globalstar phone a little, or a lot, every month.

Globalstar monthly voice plans are great if you require an “always-on” reliable satellite connection. For regular-users, monthly plans offer open-ended airtime—you’ll never run out of minutes.

All monthly plans are postpaid, which means you receive a bill, directly from Globalstar, at the end of each month. Your bill will include the basic monthly access fee plus any billable airtime consumed during the month.

These monthly plans require an upfront 12-month service commitment. After your first year of service, your monthly subscription will automatically renew on a monthly basis and you can cancel at anytime (at the end of the month).

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Globalstar Annual Plans

Ideal For:

People that may use their Globalstar device more in some months and less in others.

Our Globalstar annual voice plans are a great often if you don’t use your Globalstar device every month. Although called “annual plans”, they are billed on a postpaid monthly basis.

So what’s the difference between annual and monthly?


The term “annual” refers to the included airtime bundle, not the billing cycle. Each annual plan comes with a specific amount of minutes that can be consumed at any point throughout the year. Once you consume all of these included minutes, the out-of-minute-bundle rates will apply to any further airtime usage.


All Globalstar annual plans have an ongoing service commitment of 12 months. Once your first 12-month term is over, your subscription will automatically renew for another 12 months. Cancelling within the 12-month term will result in penalty fees—please review Globalstar’s terms of service for more details:

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Globalstar Coverage

globalstar coverage map

While Globalstar’s voice coverage is very good in the primary regions specified on this map, you’ll notice that they do not provide complete global coverage, even with their constellation of 40 Low Earth Orbiting satellites.

Like all other satellite communications networks, Globalstar relies on a network of terrestrial-based ground stations (gateways), which provide connectivity from their satellites to local telephony networks (PSTN), and the Internet.

However, Globalstar’s network is designed so that a satellite must have a gateway in view to provide service to any users it may see. If there are no gateways to cover certain areas (such as areas of the South Pacific and the polar regions), service in these regions cannot be provided—even if the satellites may fly over them.

As of May 2012, Globalstar’s voice and full-duplex data services are currently non-functional over much of Africa, the South Asian subcontinent and most mid-ocean regions due to lack of nearby gateways on the ground.

There are 24 Globalstar Gateways located around the world, including 7 in North America.

Globalstar Service Features

Unlike other global satellite communications networks, Globalstar does charge roaming and/or long distance fees if you venture or make/receive calls to numbers outside of the home zone.


The Globalstar home zone is outlined in red on the coverage map above. North American customers who remain in that zone will not be charged roaming fees for any “in-zone” calls that they make or receive.

With any of our Globalstar Satellite and Universal airtime plans, you can now call from North America, Europe, Brazil and Northern Africa without incurring roaming charges. Long distance rates may still apply.

  • Roaming Rates: $1.49/minute (Canadian) while roaming outside the Home Zone. No additional minutes deducted.

Long Distance

As a North American customer, if you remain inside the home zone but call a phone number in a country that is outside of this zone, you will be charged long distance fees.

  • Long Distance Rates: $0.20/minute (Canadian) + minutes used will be deducted from your airtime bundle for calls within the Home Zone to countries outside the Home Zone.

Most of our globalstar monthly and annual service plans include free voicemail. For those that don’t, you can easily add this service for a low monthly fee.

You can check your messages from your Globalstar satellite phone at standard airtime rates. There is no fee from Globalstar to receive a message or to check your messages from a landline.

To set up or access your Globalstar Voicemail:

  • Dial *VM, then hit the “send” button while in satellite mode, Press “5” when you hear the greeting.


  • Call your Globalstar number from any touchtone phone or from your satellite phone.
  • Press “5” when you hear the greeting.
  • Enter personal password (temporary password is 12345).

Globalstar offers the call forwarding feature on the GSP-1600 tri-mode phone, the GSP-1700 and on the GSP-2900 fixed-site satellite phone. You can route your incoming calls to a selected number.

Your call forwarding options include:

  • Unconditional Call Forward (All Calls).
    • Diverts all your calls to another number. Please note that while in this mode, your phone will not ring even if it is switched on.
  • No Answer Call Forward
    • This feature can be activated when you wish to have calls forwarded when you are away from your phone. If you don’t answer your phone after several rings or your phone is turned off, the call will be forwarded to your selected number.
  • Busy Call Forward
    • This feature can be activated to route all your incoming calls to a selected phone number when you are busy on other calls.

Service Details:

  • Call forwarding minutes are not counted as part of your satellite minutes.
  • All call forwarding features are billed at a rate of $0.20 (Canadian) per minute, rounded to the next full minute for the duration of the call.
  • Voice mail will not register any messages until the call forwarding feature is turned off.
  • To activate call forwarding, your phone must be in “satellite mode”, not “cellular” (GSP-1600 phones only).
  • Call forwarding is not available on the FAU-200 fixed-site satellite phone.

If you rely on your satellite phone phone for constant communications, at some point you’ll probably need to dial national a toll-free number. These “800”, “877” numbers have become an integral part of the North American telecommunications system. Globalstar will complete your calls to all national toll-free numbers. Standard airtime rates will apply.

Calls to local or regional toll-free numbers may not be completed as dialed. Some local or regional toll-free numbers are designed to only complete calls coming from specific area codes.

Anyone can use Globalstar’s Short Messaging Service to send a short, 35-character text to a friend, family member or colleague that is using a Globalstar GSP-1600 or GSP-1700 portable satellite phone.

Important Notes:

  • Get your close contacts to use this service to send a message, from anywhere in the world, to your Globalstar GSP-1600 or GSP-1700 Phone. However, these devices are unable to send text messages, so you won’t be able to reply.
  • Your phone can automatically store up to 91 35-character messages (more if messages are less than 35 characters).
  • Message Waiting Indicator will inform you when you have a message.

**Link to Globalstar’s short message service**

Get Online with Globalstar Express Data

Like Iridium, Globalstar’s voice service is also capable of transmitting low-bandwidth data for applications such as email and weather data. This data capability is dubbed as “Globalstar Express Data Service” is included FREE with most Globalstar service plans. See Airtime Pricing for current rates.

To access Globalstar Express Data, you must download the Express Data Software, which will accelerate web-based file transfers, uploading and downloading of all native FTP file transfers, and all types of email from simple web-based email systems like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail to POP3 and SMTP based email systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Exchange. Additionally, email attachments including Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and others will also be accelerated.

Download Globalstar Express Data Software

ADVISORY: Globalstar advertises that Express Data will accelerate web browsing, which it technically does. However, Express Data provides a maximum compressed data speed of 28kbps. Realistically, this is simply too slow for an effective, efficient and enjoyable web browsing experience—so we do not recommend it. That being said, it is quite suitable for downloading information like GRIB weather files.

What do I need to begin using Globalstar’s Express Data Service?

  • A Globalstar GSP-1700 handheld satellite phone or GSP-2900 fixed satellite phone with version 5.2 or higher phone software version.
  • A Globalstar USB Data Kit or Globalstar Vehicle Kit (vehicle kit is only compatible with the GSP-1700 phone).
  • Express data software—download it here (can also be downloaded from the data kit installation CD Version 1.2).
  • A Globalstar airtime plan.
  • Subscription to Express Data service (if not included in your airtime plan).
  • A laptop computer (use the USB data kit to connect the satellite phone to your computer).
    • Computer Requirements:
      • Pentium II, III, IV, Celeron 500Mhz or higher class machine.
      • Minimally 64 MB of RAM and 200MB of free disk space.
      • Operating systems: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

Note: Functionality and connectivity with VPN services may not be compatible with Express Data.

How to access Globalstar voice services

Chroma’s Globalstar voice services are accessed via three different products