IsatHub Mobile Satellite Data Service

IsatHub Service – Smart Satellite Connectivity on Your Mobile Device

Inmarsat’s IsatHub delivers the fastest mobile satellite Internet service available for smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Talk, text, email and browse the Internet at broadband speeds on your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Plus, access and use any of the apps loaded on your mobile device.

To use the service, you’ll need to wirelessly pair your smart device to the lightweight, portable “iSavi Satellite Hotspot Terminal” for connectivity.

isavi portable satellite internet terminal for smartphone and tablet

Mobile satellite connectivity from almost anywhere

inmarsat coverage map

Inmarsat’s IsatHub satellite voice, SMS text and data service is delivered via Inmarsat’s satellite and ground networks. Inmarsat’s geostationary satellite network reaches everywhere on Earth except for the extreme Polar regions.

A unique feature of geo-stationary satellites: they offer reliable, continuous connectivity once a connection has been made from your location. This means no signal drop-outs—something that Iridium and Globalstar cannot advertise.

Fast and inexpensive

The IsatHub satellite service suits users who need an inexpensive, reliable and reasonably speedy remote Internet browsing solution. IsatHub delivers a standard IP data rate of up to 384 kpbs to download and 240 kbps to upload. This is many times faster than similar products offered by Iridium and Globalstar.

And because IsatHub services are delivered over Inmarsat’s 3G network, your smart device can use its high-quality dedicated voice line to send and receive voice calls as well as text messages.

Plus, there are no roaming charges since Inmarsat’s IsatHub service provides international phone numbers.

As long as your iSavi WiFi hotspot has line-of-sight to an Inmarsat satellite, your network connection will remain strong and constant. With three geo-stationary satellites, iSavi will find a connection from everywhere but the extreme polar regions.

Why use the IsatHub service?

  • Get broadband satellite Internet over WiFi
  • Make high-quality voice calls on your smartphone, or use VoIP to make calls via Skype
  • Make a phone call and use the Internet at the same time
  • Use SMS instant messaging
  • Send and receive email and texts using your existing apps
  • Operate up to 11 smart devices simultaneously (but not all can be web-browsing at the same time).
  • Enjoy no roaming charges.

Why Choose Us For IsatHub Service?

IsatHub Premium service benefits badge for web

Premium IsatHub Service Benefits – Exclusively for our clients.

Choosing Chroma SATcom as your IsatHub service provider ensures an optimal experience—you receive our full suite of complimentary security and data control features for to keep your equipment safe, and avoid runaway data usage and costs. We offer these for all of the Inmarsat satellite services we provide, and IsatHub is no exception.

We’re happy to set-up these premium extras for you as part of our commitment to excellent customer service. Save money, save time, save the hassle. Choose Chroma for your satellite voice and data needs, we’ll keep you talking:

  • IP-Blocking:
    • This simple firewall helps you to tailor the use of your airtime by setting allowed connection parameters, such as limiting access to specific IP addresses to alleviate inadvertent/inappropriate data usage.
  • Virus and Malware Prevention:
    • This advanced firewall will help you to block malware and virus traffic to safeguard the devices connected to your BGAN data terminal.
  • Control Web Access By Category:
    • Classic high-usage categories are blocked by default – eg. advertisements, gambling, adult content, etc.
    • Tailor controls to fit your needs. For example, Facebook or no Facebook—you decide.
  • Intrusion Prevention System:
    • Protection against application and operating system vulnerability exploitation, which can lead to high unintended usage and costly bills.
  • Software Update Blocking:
    • Protects against major software products, like Windows, downloading updates, which lead to high unwanted usage and costly bills.
  • Intelligently manage your data:
    • Data-intelligence reports provide an automated push report service to show end users what data is being used.
  • Get the Best Connection. Everytime.
    • Our network operations provider can dynamically send your traffic via the best route. This is not necessarily the shortest connection, but it will be the best connection. For example, the route you normally drive to work may be the shortest options in terms of distance. However, today the road is congested and a division has been set-up due to construction—so while this route is the shortest way from point A to B, today it’s not the best. Having your data traffic routed via the best route will ensure the fastest possible signal transmission and help prevent data packets from getting lost in any congestion.
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