How do I make a call from an Iridium satellite phone

How To Call a Landline or Cellular Phone from an Iridium Phone

To make a call from an Iridium satellite phone, you must use international dealing procedures——this means you dial the “00” and then the country code, area code and phone number for the landline or cellular phone you’re trying to reach.

1.) From a telephone network perspective, Iridium satellite phones are considered to be located in a country of their own. So you must dial “00” to let the system know that you are making an outgoing call to another country.

2.) Then you enter the country code of the phone number you’re trying to reach. For example, to call Chroma SATcom in Canada, the country code is “1”:

Thus, so far we have 00-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx

3.) The area code for Chroma SATcom is “604” and our phone number is “290-5938”

Put it all together and you get: 00-1-604-290-5938

How To Call Another Iridium Satellite Phone from your Iridium Satellite Phone

This is quite simple. If you are dialing another Iridium phone dial 00-8816-xxx-xxxxx (where 8816 is the country code of the Iridium network and xxxxxxxx is the balance of the 12-digit Iridium mobile number you are calling).

It’s worthwhile to note that an Iridium 9555 satellite phone can be configured to automatically insert the “00” prefix. To do this, press the “Menu” button, select “Setup”, and then select “Number Entry”. If you select “Do Not Prefix” then the dialing instructions provided here will apply. However, you can also select “Prefix with 00” automatically—which means you’d simply hit the “+” symbol on your keypad prior to dialing the country code of the phone number you wish to call.