iSavi Satellite Hotspot

No Cell Service? No Problem.

When you need reliable Internet and voice connectivity for your smartphone, tablet or laptop, choose the iSatHub iSavi Global Satellite Hotspot.

Use iSavi to talk, text, email and browse the Internet at satellite broadband speeds on your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Plus, you can access and use any of the apps loaded on your mobile device.

The lightweight portable iSavi satellite terminal creates a Wi Fi hotspot that delivers reliable broadband Internet speeds (up to 384 kbps) and voice telecommunications to your smartphone, tablet and laptop from almost anywhere on Earth. The iSavi creates a Wi Fi hotspot with a 100-foot (30-meter) radius.

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 Mobile Satellite Connectivity From Almost Anywhere

The iSavi terminal operates over Inmarsat’s IsatHub satellite voice, SMS text and data service—delivered via Inmarsat’s global geostationary satellite network, which reaches everywhere on Earth except for the extreme polar regions.

A unique feature of geo-stationary satellites is that they offer reliable, continuous connectivity once a connection has been made from your location. This means no signal drop-outs—something that Iridium and Globalstar cannot advertise.

The IsatHub satellite service is designed for users who need an inexpensive, reliable and reasonably speedy remote Internet browsing solution.

The Fastest Mobile Satellite Internet Service for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops

IsatHub delivers a standard IP data rate of up to 384 kbps download and 240 kbps upload. This is many times faster than similar products offered by Iridium and Globalstar.

And because IsatHub services are delivered over Inmarsat’s 3G network, your smart device can use the iSavi’s high-quality dedicated voice line to send and receive voice calls as well as text messages.

With an international telephone number provided by Inmarsat’s IsatHub service, there are no roaming charges to worry about either.

iSavi = Mobile Satellite Connectivity That’s Easy To Use

 Anyone can set up the iSavi in minutes:

Connect the iSavi satellite hotspot terminal to the battery, turn on the terminal, and align it to the closest satellite using the built-in aiming features. Once you’re locked on, the iSavi will establish a satellite WiFi hotspot. Up to 11 mobile devices within the hotspot’s 100-foot (30 meter) range can connect simultaneously.

As long as you have line-of-sight to an Inmarsat satellite, your network connection will remain strong and constant. With three geo-stationary satellites, iSavi can find a connection from everywhere but the extreme polar regions.

Use the iSavi terminal indoors if you have line-of-sight through a door or window. Or use it outdoors anywhere you have a line-of-sight to the satellites.

Frequently Asked Questions

All phones connected to the iSavi, and using the Inmarsat voice app, will ring and the first to answer will be connected. It is also possible to place a call on hold so that it can be picked up by another user or transferred.

The iSavi terminal does not have a specific email app—and because the iSavi provides internet to your smart device (phone, tablet, laptop) with no restrictions, people can send an email to whatever address the iSavi user has access to on their smart device—which would likely be their normal email address.

There are two ways this can be done:

1. Simply call the iSavi phone number and ask to speak with a specific person if the call is answered by another user.

2. We suggest using a second line on your cell phone that can be used with a WiFi connection—with this, each phone can use a WiFi Phone app (Skype, Viper, WhatsApp, etc.), with a data connection, that would be specific to that phone and allow for calls in and out specific to this phone app. This method would use the iSavi’s standard data connection, and we have noticed that the call audio quality is more clear.

Yes—by using the iSavi IsatHub voice app.

Yes—but keep in mind that there is no way to send texts to specific users; all users will see all text conversations in the IsatHub voice app.  It is important to note that with an active data connection, standard SMS applications (iMessage/android) will function as normal as well—just like with a home WiFi connection.

There is no way to send texts to specific users; all users will see all text conversations in the iSavi’s IsatHub voice app; email will require an active data session since the iSavi does not have its own email app.


This depends upon the settings of that person’s specific email app, the iSavi does not have its own email app.

This again depends on the person’s individual email app, but texts in the iSavi’s IsatHub voice app will update. It is important to note that with an active data connection, standard SMS applications (iMessage/android) will function as normal as well—just like with a home WiFi connection.

Save Money by Monitoring Your Usage

Manage the iSavi from your smartphone, tablet or laptop using the free Voice and Control apps.

The Control app connects you to the Internet and lets you manage iSavi device settings. It also displays how much data you are consuming, along with other metrics. Use the Voice app to make phone calls.

Why use iSavi and the IsatHub Service?

  • Get broadband satellite Internet over WiFi
  • Make high-quality voice calls on your smartphone, or use VoIP to make calls via Skype
  • Make a phone call and use the Internet at the same time
  • Use SMS instant messaging
  • Send and receive email and texts using your existing apps
  • Operate up to 11 smart devices simultaneously.
  • Enjoy complete and hassle-free connectivity without roaming charges.

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