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inReach SE+ Satellite Messenger

$USD 399.95

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Give yourself, and your family, total peace of mind when travelling off-grid. The inReach SE+ is a two-way text messaging, SOS, and GPS device with global connectivity on the Iridium network. inReach SE+ uses GPS to provide basic grid navigation to allow you to drop waypoints, mark key locations, track your progress and follow a breadcrumb trail back to base—directly on the device itself. Or, wirelessly pair it with your smartphone for added functionality.

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inReach SE+ Satellite Messenger

inReach SE+ Satellite Messenger – Features:

With global two-way messaging, SOS and GPS to enable location tracking and basic navigation, inReach SE+ lets you stay safe and connected anywhere on Earth. inReach SE+ uses GPS to provide basic grid navigation to allow you to drop waypoints, mark key locations, track your progress and follow a breadcrumb trail back to base.

Product Features:

  • Two-Way, Custom Text Messaging:
    • The virtual (on-screen) keyboard lets you select letters to send and receive custom typed text messages to SMS and email addresses, or other inReach devices.
    • An easier option is to pair the inReach with your smartphone to create messages using the Earthmate App. This also lets you use your smartphone’s existing contact list.
  • GPS Tracking and Basic Navigation:
    • The built-in, high-sensitivity GPS provides location and tracking data to within 5 meters and better accuracy over that of a paired/companion mobile device.
    • The basic on-screen navigation features let you follow routes, drop waypoints and find your way back with a bread crumb trail overlaid on a white grid-map (does not include Topographic map data on the device itself).
  • SOS – Interactive:
    • In true emergencies, hit the SOS button to alert search and rescue authorities. Then, have a text message conversation with them to describe your situation in more detail.
    • All SOS alerts go directly to GEOS, the 24/7 international search and rescue monitoring centre.
  • Weather Forecasts:
    • Request basic, premium, or marine weather forecasts for any location. You can receive weather forecasts for your current location, a waypoint, or GPS coordinates.
  • Location Sharing:
    • Use the MapShare site to track and share your location online with family and friends, so they can ping your device and send you messages.
  • Access to Advanced Mapping and Imagery:
    • Pair with a mobile devices using the free Earthmate® app for access to TOPO maps, color aerial imagery and more.
The inReach SE+ Satellite Messenger is best for the following functions:
  • Interactive SOS to get help in emergency situations.
  • Sending and receiving 160 character text messages.
  • Personal GPS tracking and basic navigation.
  • Getting weather updates.
The inReach SE+ Satellite Messenger comes with the following items:
  • inReach SE+ two-way satellite communicator
  • USB cable
  • Carabiner clip
  • Documentation

A Satellite Messenger with Basic Navigation.

It’s peace of mind in the palm of your hand. inReach SE+ is the rugged satellite communicator that uses 100% global Iridium satellite coverage for 2-way messaging anywhere in the world. In case of emergency, the interactive SOS allows you to communicate back and forth and receive confirmation that help is on the way. Plus, the built-in GPS enables basic navigation with a high-detail bread crumb trackback trail –while location tracking lets you easily share your location with family, friends, or emergency responders. There’s also a free Earthmate® app that lets you wirelessly pair an inReach SE+ with your mobile device (iOS and Android) via a Bluetooth connection and get unlimited access to TOPO maps, aerial imagery and U.S. NOAA charts from anywhere on the planet.

inReach SE+ does not include: Pre-loaded topographic maps, or built-in navigation sensors (view the inReach Explorer+ for these features). However, there is a basic map page view that shows a breadcrumb trail against a white grid background (no on-device maps). 

Pairing with a smartphone will overlay the breadcrumb trail on a topographic map in the Earthmate App.

Affordable Life-Line Service

A monthly or annual airtime subscription is required for the inReach SE+. Plans are low cost and can be suspended when not in use for an even lower monthly fee.

Seasonal value and flexibility that you can afford. 

  • No annual contracts.
  • Switch plans any time.
  • Suspend your service in the off-season for only$2.95/month (CAD).

More information can be found at inReach Canada.

Global Coverage

The inReach SE+ is supported by the Iridium global satellite network. See the coverage diagram map below:

Iridium satellite coverage map-iridium voice services

GEOS Emergency Monitoring Service

  • SOS messages are received by GEOS, a worldwide emergency response coordination centre that’s operational 24/7/365.
  • Trained GEOS personnel serve as your SOS point of contact, and relay information to and from you and local responders.
  • GPS tracking is automatically activated on your inReach SE+ when you send an SOS alert.

Get the Latest Weather

The optional inReach weather forecast service provides detailed updates directly to your inReach device, compatible smartphone or tablet paired with the Earthmate app, so you’ll know what conditions to expect en route. Basic and premium weather packages are offered. And you can request weather forecasts for your current location or any other waypoint or destination on your itinerary.

Earthmate App

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a global satellite communication and navigation tool with the free Earthmate app. Access U.S. NOAA charts, and free DeLorme topographic maps, including new DeLorme® Open Street Maps with TOPO lines and contours for improved map detail in Canada and the rest of the world.

  • Enables inReach-smartphone communication features.
  • Enables access to free downloadable TOPO maps and U.S. NOAA charts, colour aerial imagery and more.
  • Automatically syncs with your mobile device’s address book for easy texting.
  • Pairs via Bluetooth.
  • Available free online at App Store®, Google Play™ or Amazon Appstore®.

Explore Web App

Use this cloud-powered portal to plan your trips with routes and waypoints, sync and manage your device, store all your location tracking data and much more.

  • Use Mapshare to track and share your GPS location online with family and friends so they can ping your device and exchange messages.
  • Load preset messages to your inReach or update your firmware link to your social media accounts.
  • View all your previous trips and messages.
  • Manage your account and settings, including emergency contacts.
  • Supports 27 languages including English (Canada) and French (France).

Which inReach Is Right for You?

As satellite communicators, both the inReach SE+ and Explorer+ offer identical messaging capabilities. However, it’s on the GPS navigation side that their differences become apparent. While inReach SE+ uses GPS to provide basic grid navigation and allow you to drop waypoints, mark key locations, track your progress, and follow a breadcrumb trail back to base – the inReach Explorer+ goes a step beyond, providing full-fledged GPS on-map guidance with preloaded TOPO mapping and waypoint routings viewable directly on the unit. Plus, a built-in digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer are included with Explorer+ to help you get and maintain accurate bearings anywhere on or off the beaten path.

Other Compatible Apps

Enterprise Web App

inReach devices are also compatible with the Enterprise web app. The Enterprise web app is designed for organizations that need to support and monitor a large number of inReach users, require very short tracking intervals, and want the option to monitor their own SOS alerts. To use inReach with the Enterprise web app, inReach must be activated with special byte-based subscription plans. Contact us for details.


  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 6.8 x 16.4 x 3.8 cm (2.7″ x 6.5” x 1.5″)
  • Weight with lithium batteries: 213 g (7.5 oz)
  • Water/Durability Rating: IPX7 (splashes, rain or snow, showering, incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes).

Communication capabilities

  • SOS
  • Two-Way Text Messaging
  • GPS Tracking
  • Basic GPS Navigation


  • 1 x Mini-USB port
  • 1 x Transflective colour TFT display

Power Options

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included)
  • Or power directly from a 5v USB cable (included)

Battery Life

  • Up to 100 hours at the default 10-minute tracking mode, 30 days at the 30-minute interval power save mode and up to 1 year in standby mode


  • Transflective TFT colour graphic display
  • On-sceen virtual keyboard
  • User buttons
  • status indicator light

Usage Control Features

  • Directional pad
  • Protected SOS button
  • Menu button
  • Enter button
  • Quit/back button
  • Zoom in/out buttons
  • Preset message shortcut button


  • Store up to 500 waypoints
  • Store up to 20 routes
  • no memory

For extra information, please check out the inReach brochure in the “Documentation” tab above.