Iridium GO! Adventurer – Prepaid Plan

$USD 499.95

Prepaid airtime for global connectivity (view “Service Details” tab, below).

  • Free Incoming Calls & Texts
  • Free Voicemail Service
  • Included Outgoing Airtime:
    • 400 data minutes, or
    • 200 voice, or
    • Any combination of the two.
  • Validity Period: 6 Months (renewable)
  • Activation Fee: $25.00 (included in price)

Iridium GO! Adventurer – Prepaid Plan

400 data minutes, or 200 voice minutes, of prepaid Iridium airtime for your Iridium GO! satellite hotspot. This card is valid for 6 months from the activation date. This prepaid plan can be recharged, prior to expiry.

Concerned you’ll miss the expiry date and forget to recharge? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our hassle-free prepaid management services automatically notify you when it’s time to recharge your airtime.

Do The Minutes Rollover? No.

Any unused airtime will not rollover upon recharging this plan.

Iridium Premium service benefits badge for web

Exclusive Premium Service Benefits For You

All of our Iridium service customers receive these complimentary premium service benefits:

  • Hassle-free, remote activation and airtime recharges.
  • Automatically receive alerts for Iridium service disruptions ex.)Iridium network maintenance.
  • Automatically receive balance notifications via email when your prepaid card has less than 30 minutes remaining.
  • Automatically receive expiry notifications via email 10 days before your prepaid card is due to expire (never miss your recharge date again!).

As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, we happily set-up these extras for our customers. They’ll save you time, money, and greatly improve your Iridium service experience. Learn more about Iridium airtime services from Chroma Communications.

The Online Ordering Process

It’s fast and easy to order this Iridium prepaid airtime card through our website, (you can also call/email us to order). Because this is a prepaid plan, there is no sign-up paperwork to complete. We always have prepaid cards in stock and activation only takes a few minutes.

The “add-to-cart” price reflects the cost of this prepaid card PLUS the one-time activation fee. This total price will be billed to you at checkout.

  • Your prepaid card will not be active after checkout — see “Schedule Your Activation”, below.

Schedule an Activation Date

We can activate your prepaid service whenever you need it. After you’ve successfully placed and paid for your order, we will email you to confirm your desired activation date. Because we remotely activate your service, your SIM card will be shipped as soon as your order is received.

Opt-In for Automated Recharges

Most of our Iridium prepaid plans are rechargeable—once you consume all of the included minutes on your prepaid plan, the SIM card can be recharged with the same amount of minutes that you started with. The cost for a recharge is the same as the listed purchase price of the prepaid card (no activation fee applies).
After you’ve successfully placed and paid for your order, we will email you an authorization form to activate automatic recharges for your prepaid plan. Doing this will ensure you always have airtime available when you need it. If interested, complete the form and send it back to us.

Custom Corporate Plans

We can create customized plans for government and business customers activating multiple SIM cards on the same account. Some limitations apply. Learn more.


Download a Rate Card

Get the full plan details. Download printable PDF versions of our Iridium GO! prepaid plan rates. Choose between U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar plans depending on your billing preference.
U.S. Rate Card - Iridium GO! Prepaid  
Canadian Rate Card - Iridium GO! Prepaid

Pricing in USD GO! Adventurer GO! Business
Included Data



Price $ 499.95 $ 749.95
Validity (months) 6 mo. 12 mo.
Activation Fee
$ 25.00 $ 25.00
Unused Minutes Rollover?
Purchase View Plan View Plan
Pricing in CAD GO! Adventurer GO! Business
Included Data



Price $ 669.95 $ 999.95
Validity (months) 6 mo. 12 mo.
Activation Fee
$ 25.00 $ 25.00
Unused Minutes Rollover?
Purchase View Plan View Plan

Using the Iridium GO! Service

Iridium GO! airtime differs from standard Iridium airtime plans for satellite phones. Iridium GO! airtime is actually based upon bundles of “airtime units” that come with each plan. Depending our your usage, airtime units are decremented from the included airtime bundle at differing rates—this is called a “burn rate.”

Detailed burn rate information can be found on our Iridium GO! Rate Cards, located in the “Rate Cards” tab on this page. Understanding the burn rates, will help you calculate how many data minutes, or text messages, or voice minutes can be consumed with each prepaid plan.

Most people will consume their Iridium GO! airtime in one of three ways:

  • Iridium GO! Data.
    • Using the Iridium GO! app for data applications – provides the best cost rate for data usage.
    • Using the dialer in the Iridium GO! app to make phone calls to landline or cellular phone numbers.
  • Text Messages.
  • Iridium to Fixed – Voice & Data:
    • Using the dialer on your smartphone or tablet to make satellite phone calls (when using the GO!) to landline/cellular phone numbers, or connecting directly to the internet without using the Iridium GO! app.


    Prepaid Plan Details

    We don’t like hidden surprises, which is why we believe in full transparency when it comes to our satellite airtime services. All Iridium prepaid cards are shipped with a scheduled activation date (the expiry period begins on that date). You can choose your desired activation date after completing your order.

    Iridium GO! Standard Prepaid Card Service Details

    • FREE incoming calls.
    • FREE incoming text messages.
    • FREE voicemail included with all Iridium GO! prepaid cards.
    • Calls to check your voicemail are considered as outgoing calls.
    • Card can be recharged with additional airtime prior to expiry, at the then current retail rate of the same card. Expiry dates are automatically extended.
    • Cards with a zero balance prior to the expiry date will be considered expired.
    • All calls and SMS are blocked on expired cards.
    • Expiry dates are effective from the date the card is activated or recharged.