Iridium Magnetic-Mount Antenna with 6ft. cable

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This is an Iridium portable auxilliary magnetic mount antenna. With a convenient magnetic mount, this compact, pocket-sized antenna can be used in vehicles to improve reception for handheld Iridium satellite phone products. A great choice when using your satellite phone from inside a vehicle.

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Iridium Magnetic-Mount Antenna with 6ft. Cable

Iridium Magnet-Mount Antenna – Features:

  • This is a Passive Iridium Antenna.
  • Hermetically sealed to withstand harsh natural/nautical environments.
  • Small and lightweight
  • Made of aluminum alloy casting
  • Strong magnetic base for secure, damage free mounting to vehicles, etc.
  • 59″ antenna cable permanently attached
  • Compatible with: Iridium 9500, 9505, 9505A, 9555 and 9575 satellite phones and Iridium GO! satellite hotspot.
  • Manufactured in the USA
This Iridium antenna is best for the following functions:
  • Vehicular applications where an Iridium satellite phone is mounted in a vehicle.
  • Built for use in vehicles, portable antenna tripods, or small fixed-site installations.
  • Mounting on a horizontal surface.
  • A great option for leased vehicles or temporary use.
The Iridium antenna comes with the following:
  • Aero AT1621-7 Iridium Magnetic-Mount Antenna
  • 59″ (5ft.) Antenna Cable (permanently attached)

An External Iridium Antenna for Vehicle Installations

The Iridium Magnetic-Mount Antenna is omni-directional, meaning it can acquire a signal from all directions. However, it must be mounted on a horizontal surface, such as a vehicle roof.

For best performance, make sure this antenna has an unobstructed view of the sky.

This antenna comes with a 59″ (5ft.) length of antenna cable that is permanently connected. We do not recommend extending this with one of our passive Iridium antenna cables. If you need a longer cable length, see our larger Iridium Magnetic Mount Antenna

Mounting Options

Mounting is easy—simply stick this onto any horizontal magnetic surface for secure, damage free adhesion.

Compatible With All Iridium Products

This antenna is fitted with an TNC male connector and will work with all Iridium products to capture Iridium voice and data signals.


  • Antenna Dimensions (H x Diameter): 21.08mm x 89.66mm (0.83″ x 3.53″)
  • Antenna Weight: 283g (10 oz)
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 85ºC (-40 to 185ºF)

Connector Type

  • TNC male

Cable Type (attached)

  • LMR240  (16ft. (5m) long)


  • 11616 – 1626 MHz

Power Handling

  • 1 Watt (including in-band)

For additional information, please check out the product brochure in the “Documentation” tab above.

This product has a 12 month manufacturer’s limited warranty.

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