IsatHub iSavi Satellite Hotspot with Airtime Discount

$USD 1,319.95

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IsatHub iSavi Satellite Hotspot

Use iSavi to talk, text, email and browse the Internet with satellite data connection on your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Plus, you can access and use any of the apps loaded on your mobile device.

IsatHub iSavi – Features:

  • Use your existing smartphone tablet, or laptop for satellite: internet, voice, SMS, email and more.
  • This product operates on the Inmarsat satellite network
  • Compatible with the IsatHub satellite data service from Inmarsat.
  • Small and compact.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot that delivers satellite data speeds of up to 384 Kbps down, 240 Kbps up—use the iSavi to browse the Internet from anywhere.
  • Supports up to 11 mobile devices within a 100′ (30.5 m) radius.
  • Apple and Android compatible.
  • 2.5 hours transmit time (at maximum power 100% of the time), 8 hours standby.
  • Global coverage except poles (not recommended above 60° N or 60° S latitudes)
  • Easy setup, just point terminal with visual indicators and connect to the satellite network.
  • Supports all apps on your mobile device, use them as normal.
  • VoIP Support – Call any phone worldwide with applications such as Skype, Facetime or Google Voice.
The iSavi is best when paired with a smartphone, tablet or laptop for the following functions:
  • Internet browsing
  • Phone Calls
  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Using mobile apps.
  • Other data-driven applications
The iSavi Satellite Hotspot comes with the following:
  • iSavi device
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • International AC adapter kit
  • User Manual
  • Cloth carry bag

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Exclusive Premium IsatHub Service Benefits For You

Choosing Chroma Communications as your IsatHub service provider ensures an optimal IsatHub experience—you receive our full suite of complimentary security and data control features to keep your equipment safe and avoid runaway data usage and costs.

These complimentary, premium services save you money, and you won’t find them from anyone else:

  • Advanced Firewall Set-Up
    • Configure “allowed” connections and block malware.
  • Internet Control and Risk Reduction
    • Block specific sites, categories and prevent software updates.
  • Usage Intelligence Reports
    • Intelligently manage your data.
  • Optimized Internet Routing
    • Get the best connection for all your data transmissions.

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Mobile Satellite Internet for Individuals and Small Teams

Stay fully connected, everywhere:

Designed to be paired with your existing devices, the iSavi is a satellite hotspot that provides broadband satellite voice and data connectivity for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Use this product to stay completely connected when cellular service is unavailable or unreliable.

This is a great tool for keeping individuals and small teams of people connected—Up to 11 devices can be connected to the iSavi simultaneously. However, only one or two people can actively use the connection at the same time.

When paired with an iSavi you can use your existing device for:

  • Internet access/browsing
  • Voice calls
  • Use all of your apps as normal
  • Email
  • SMS
  • GPS
  • Any other data-driven applications

How it Works

Setting up a satellite connection is easy with iSavi:

Connect the iSavi satellite hotspot terminal to the battery, turn on the terminal, and align it to the closest satellite using the built-in aiming features, which provide visual and audio cues to help you lock onto the satellite signal. Once you’re locked on, the iSavi will create a satellite WiFi hotspot that your devices can connect to.

The iSavi is most effective when used outdoors anywhere you have a clear line-of-sight to the satellites. You can also use it indoors, but you must have a clear line-of-sight, through an open door or window, to the satellite.

Reliable Communications—Everywhere

The iSavi is supported by the Inmarsat satellite network and can access Inmarsat’s IsatHub service. Inmarsat’s satellite network operates geostationary satellites, which provide exceptional ongoing coverage across the globe (except for extreme polar regions). As long as you have line-of-sight to an Inmarsat satellite, your network connection will remain strong and constant—something that Iridium and Globalstar cannot advertise.

The Fastest, Most Affordable Portable Satellite Internet Service

The IsatHub service delivers a standard IP data rate of up to 384 kpbs download and 240 kbps upload.

Currently, Inmarsat is the only satellite network to provide broadband quality data speeds for portable/mobile satellite devices. If you need to browse the Internet without a cellular or landline connection—choose the iSavi and the IsatHub satellite data service.

Monitor Your Data Usage with Apps

Compatible with Mac iOS, Windows PC, Apple and Android operating systems, you can use the free voice and control apps to manage the iSavi from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Control app connects you to the Internet and lets you manage iSavi device settings. It also displays how much data you are consuming, along with other metrics. Use the Voice app to make phone calls.

Global Coverage & No roaming Charges

Chroma Communications’ IsatHub Service offers portable/mobile data and voice connectivity wherever you go with no roaming fees. Feel free to travel with the IsatHub iSavi satellite hotspot. Learn more.


  • Dimensions: 179 x 170 x 30 mm (7.1″ x 6.7″ x 1.2″)
  • Weight with battery: 885 grams (1.95 lbs)
  • Operating Temperature: – 20°C to 55°C (4°F to 131°F)
    • iSavi terminal has “temperature overheating” warning
  • IP Rating: IP65 – jet water resistant, dust proof.

Communication capabilities

  • Internet
  • Standard voice
  • Text Messages
  • Email
  • GPS

Data Capabilities

  • Up to 384 Kbps download & 240 Kbps upload (Standard TCP-IP)

GPS capabilities

  • GPS Frequency: 1574.42 – 1576.42 MHz


  • 1 x Mini-USB port

Built-in Battery

  • Li-Ion rechargeable (3 Amp-Hour)
  • Stand-by time: 15.5 hours
  • Talk Time: 5.5 hours

Wi-Fi Details

  • 802.11 b/g/n up to 100 feet (30 meters)


Monthly or Prepaid?

We offer monthly and prepaid airtime plans for all of our satellite communications products. Monthly plans are great for ongoing usage or for users who want a hassle-free, “always-on” service so that they never run out of airtime. Prepaid plans are paid for upfront and are easy to budget for, they are great for infrequent users with low consumption.

Billing in CAD or USD

To make things easy on our Canadian, American and Global customers, we can have Canadian or US dollar billing options for each monthly and prepaid plan that we offer. Please review the options below to make your selection.

USD Pricing – IsatHub Monthly Airtime

Choose one of these plans if you prefer to be billed in US dollars.

Pricing Name Included Data (Megabytes) Monthly Fee (USD) Activation Fee Minimum Term Cost per MB Cost per Min
Cost per Text

Hub Basic

0 MB

$ 29.95 $ 50.00 1 month $ 4.15/MB $ 0.99/min FREE Incoming, $0.69/text outgoing

Hub Connect

25 MB

$ 114.95 $ 50.00 1 month $ 3.99/MB $ 0.90/min FREE Incoming, $0.69/text outgoing

Hub Plus

50 MB

$ 189.95 $ 50.00 1 month $ 3.75/MB $ 0.85/min FREE Incoming, $0.65/text outgoing

Hub Power

100 MB

$ 339.95 $ 50.00 1 month $ 3.60/MB $ 0.80/min FREE Incoming, $0.65/text outgoing

Hub Pro

250 MB

$ 820.00 $ 50.00 1 month $ 3.15/MB $ 0.75/min FREE Incoming, $0.60text outgoing

Hub Ultra

500 MB

$ 1,519.00 $ 50.00 $ 2.99/MB $ 2.99/MB $ 0.75/min FREE Incoming, $0.60/text outgoing

CAD Pricing – IsatHub Monthly Airtime

Choose one of these plans if you prefer to be billed in Canadian dollars.

Plan Name Included Data (Megabytes) Monthly Fee Activation Fee Minimum Term Cost per MB Cost per Minute (in/out) Cost per Text

Hub Basic

0 MB

$ 39.95 $ 50.00 CAD 1 month $ 5.45/MB $ 1.25/min FREE Incoming, $0.85/text outgoing

Hub Connect

25 MB

$ 149.95 $ 50.00 CAD 1 month $ 5.25/MB $ 1.25/min FREE Incoming, $0.85/text outgoing

Hub Plus

50 MB

$ 269.95 $ 50.00 CAD 1 month $ 4.99/MB $ 0.99/min FREE Incoming, $0.80/text outgoing

Hub Power

100 MB

$ 499.95 $ 50.00 CAD 1 month $ 4.79/MB $ 0.99/min FREE Incoming, $0.80/text outgoing

Hub Pro

250 MB

$ 1,159.95 $ 50.00 CAD 1 month $ 4.25/MB $ 0.89/min FREE Incoming, $0.79/text outgoing

Hub Ultra

500 MB

$ 2,049.95 $ 50.00 CAD 1 month $ 4.15/MB $ 0.89/min FREE Incoming, $0.79/text outgoing

Manufacturer Warranty

This product has 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty.