Monthly BGAN Plans

$USD 30.00

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Our BGAN service offers unmatched value and flexibility:
   Global Coverage.
✓   Pay now and activate later.
   Month-to-month (no contracts)
✓   Advanced data usage controls—help save you money.
   Full connectivity— phone calls, text messages, email, Internet.

Choose a Subscription Option:

A $50.00 activation charge will be added to your first month of service.
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Monthly BGAN Plans

Global Connectivity for any BGAN terminal

These monthly BGAN plans are compatible with portable BGAN terminals and mobile BGAN terminals only. Offering high-speed satellite data & voice connectivity, the BGAN mobile satellite broadband service will keep you connected for all your data needs (Internet, email, VPN, phone, file sharting, video broadcasting, etc.), from almost anywhere on Earth.

Plan Name Included Data (megabytes) Monthly Fee Activation Fee Minimum Term Cost per Megabyte Cost per Minute (in/out) Cost per Text
BGAN Global Standby

0 MB

$ 75.00 $50.00 12 months $8.75/MB $1.41/min. FREE Incoming $0.70/text outgoing
BGAN Basic

4.60 MB

$ 85.20 $50.00 12 months $8.75/MB $1.28/min. FREE Incoming $0.70/text outgoing
BGAN Connect

21.25 MB

$ 156.20 $50.00 3 months $7.46/MB $0.99/min. FREE Incoming $0.70/text outgoing

100 MB

$ 567.93 $50.00 6 months $6.39/MB $0.92/min. FREE Incoming $0.70/text outgoing

750 MB

$ 3,542.90 $50.00 12 months $5.67/MB $0.84/min. FREE Incoming $0.70/text outgoing

BGAN Satellite Data Service from Chroma SATcom

inmarsat coverage map

We specialize in BGAN service. Our BGAN plans come with a suite of complimentary benefits to help you control data usage and keep your costs to a minimum. Learn more about our specialized BGAN service.

BGAN Service Perks from Chroma SATcom
We’re not your average BGAN service provider, we can offer you exclusive data control perks and services that you won’t find from the competition.

  • Complimentary enhanced data usage controls—help keep your costs down:
    • Optimized account set-up,
    • Advanced traffic management,
    • Enhanced usage control/alerts,
    • Firewall controls.
  • Lowest cost per-megabyte rates for data.
  • Free incoming text messages.
  • Free voicemail service included with all plans.
  • Custom corporate plans available.


What can I do with 1 Megabyte worth of data?

Every webpage you load, every email or text that you send/receive and every VOIP phone call you make is consuming data. All the data that you consume can be broken down into megabytes or fractions of megabytes. It’s impossible to say how many MB’s makes up a webpage, email or text message, because they are all different sizes—some consume more megabytes than others. However, typical usage suggests that a reasonable estimate for one MB is approximately:

  • 99 plain text emails, OR
  • 3 emails with attachments,OR
  • 5 web pages*, OR
  • 1 digital photo.

*web pages refers to each time you navigate to a different page on somebody’s website.


When it comes to sending video over BGAN, here is a great example:

One of our customers sent a 1.4MB 424×320 video that was 30 seconds in length. It was sent using WhatsApp and consumed 1.7MB of BGAN data.

Download a Rate Card

Get the full plan details. Download a printable PDF version of our BGAN plan rate table.

Canadian Rate Card - BGAN Monthly

Plan Details

Hidden Costs aren’t fun. We believe in full pricing transparency so there won’t be any surprises when you get your bill. Please read through the sections below to familiarize yourself with our billing details and general conditions. Contact us if you have any questions.

Billing Detail:

  • Billing increments: 20 KB for IP data sessions, 15 seconds for voice and ISDN calls, 5 seconds streaming calls and 160 characters for an SMS. Inmarsat applies billing increments to all the intermediate CDR’s, both for the uplink and downlink for background IP and on a combined basis for streaming traffic.
  • Minimum durations: 100 KB for IP data sessions, 30 seconds for voice, ISDN and streaming calls. Inmarsat applies minimum volumes separately to both the uplink and downlink portions of data sessions for background IP. This applies to the first (partial) CDR.
  • Idle session: Inmarsat will drop an IP session if it has been idle/passed no traffic for 12 hours, if the terminal has auto reconnect set as default a new session will be established and a 100 kb minimum charge applied.
  • Allowance Packages are charged on a monthly basis and do not allow rollover of unused allowance to the next month. 

General Conditions:

  • A one-time activation fee applies to all plans and will be billed at check-out.
  • An early termination fee is applied to all service cancellations that occur prior to the contract’s expiry date. This fee is equal to the monthly plan price multiplied by the number of months remaining on the contract’s minimum term.
  • The date of activation counts as the first month of the contract. (Example: a 12 month plan activated on March 18, 2013 ends on February 28, 2014).
  • All monthly activations automatically renew at the end of the minimum contract period (as listed on the pricing chart).
  • Activations are pro-rata, deactivations are based on a full month.
  • When an Allowance Package is selected the allowance in the first month is also pro-rata. The applicable allowance for the first month is calculated based on the number of days (including the day of activation) in the month in which the Package is activated. (Example: the allowance in the first month of an allowance plan activated on 5 March will be 27/31 part of the total allowance for that month.
  • SMS or voice services involving premium services will not be supported. Premium services are telephone numbers for telephone calls during which certain services are provided and for which higher than normal prices are charged.