Monthly Globalstar Plans

$USD 50.00

Monthly Globalstar plans for Globalstar satellite phone service:

Billed on a monthly basis.
Airtime bundle included with all plans.
Included airtime is per month only.
Unused airtime does not roll over each month.
12 month term commitment is required.
Compatible with all Globalstar phone models.

Choose a Subscription Option:

A $50.00 activation charge will be added to your shopping cart. We then create your account with Globalstar and they bill you directly every month for your airtime service.
View rate table to compare full plan details.


Monthly Globalstar Plans

Monthly Airtime Plans for Globalstar Satellite Phones

Globalstar plans are compatible with Globalstar products only, such as the Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phone, GSP-1600 satellite phone, GSP-2900 satellite phone, and the Globalstar SatFi. These plans are not compatible with SPOT messengers or other Globalstar tracking/telemetry products.

Plan Name Monthly Fee Included Minutes Activation Fee Call Rates (in/out) FREE Voicemail Minimum Contract
Satellite 200

$ 94.99 CAD

200 minutes $50.00 $0.99/minute 12 months
Satellite 250

$ 129.99 CAD

250 minutes $50.00 $0.99/minute 12 months
Satellite Unlimited

$ 199.99 CAD

Unlimited minutes $50.00 $0.99/minute 12 months

Monthly Globalstar Plans

Monthly Globalstar plans come with a large bundle of included minutes every month. Unused minutes do not roll-over into the next month of service.

Monthly airtime options are hassle-free and you will always have airtime available when you need it. There is a recurring monthly access fee to keep your subscription active, and any airtime consumed over-and-above the included minute-bundle is billed on a pay-as-you-go “per-minute” basis. Monthly Globalstar plans require a 12 month initial contract, and renew on a month-to-month basis after that, until cancelled (see the “billing details” tab above for more information).

Call rates for incoming and outgoing calls are billed on a per-minute basis once all included monthly airtime is consumed in a given month.

Every Globalstar phone is given an in-country, “local” phone number, when compared to any other satellite network—it’s much cheaper for people to call you, and it’s cheaper for them to receive a call from you as well.

Globalstar Coverage

globalstar coverage map

Globalstar’s voice coverage is adequate in the primary regions specified on this map, they do not provide complete global coverage.

Like all other satellite communications networks, Globalstar relies on a network of ground stations (gateways), which provide connectivity from their satellites to local telephone networks.

However, unlike other satellite communications networks (Iridium and Inmarsat) Globalstar’s network is designed so that a satellite must be in view of a gateway in order to provide service to any users it may see. If there are no gateways to cover certain areas (such as areas of the South Pacific and the polar regions), service in these regions cannot be provided—even if the satellites may fly over them.

As of May 2012, Globalstar’s voice and full-duplex data services are currently non-functional over much of Africa, the South Asian subcontinent and most mid-ocean regions due to lack of nearby gateways on the ground. Learn more about Globalstar satellite phone service.