MSAT G2 Satellite Phone – Vehicle Response Kit

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A convenient grab-and-go flyaway kit for the MSAT G2 satellite phone. This rapid response package lets you set-up an MSAT G2 in your vehicle with ease. Includes a cigarette lighter power cord for simple installation, magnetic antenna mounts, and a metal housing for the MSAT transceiver. Designed for first responders, emergency management personnel and business continuity professionals, this is an excellent solution for rapid response vehicle communications.

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MSAT G2 Satellite Phone – Vehicle Response Kit

MSAT G2 Vehicle Response Kit – Features:

  • Modular design:
    • Allows for the carry case to be stowed out of the way once the phone system is set up.
    • Allows the antenna to be located outside your building, while you remain indoors with the transceiver and handset to operate the phone.
  • Quick, easy and intuitive set-up.
  • Two power options included:
    • DC CLA Power Cable – power the MSAT G2 from a vehicle cigarette lighter outlet.
    • AC Power Supply – power the MSAT G2 from a standard North American wall outlet.
The MSAT G2 Vehicle Response Kit is best for the following functions:
  • Quickly setting-up an MSAT G2 satellite phone in a vehicle for temporary use.
  • Making/receiving satellite telephone calls while driving
  • Push-to-talk, two-way radio style communications.

A great option for first responders and emergency management personnel.

The MSAT G2 Satellite Phone Vehicle Response Kit comes with the following:
  • MSAT G2 Satellite Phone Package:
    • LS221 autotracking antenna
    • TU2100 transceiver
    • IPR-750 handset
    • 20 ft. antenna cable
  • MSAT G2 Basic Response Case:
    • Pelican 1520 carry case.
    • Customized, high-density, router cut foam insert for all components.
    • Rugged metal housing for the MSAT phone transceiver.
    • AC power supply & cord
    • DC CLA Power Cable (for vehicle cigarette lighters)
    • Magnetic Antenna Mounts (for MSAT G2 LS221 antenna)

Response Series Satellite Communications Packages

The MSAT G2 Vehicle Response Kit is part of our “Response Series” line of portable, rapidly deployable satellite communications packages.

“Response Series” packages are designed for anyone with rapid deployment needs, but are a particular favourite of the emergency preparedness, business continuity, first responder, construction and resource exploration industries.

The MSAT G2 Vehicle Response Package

This grab-and-go case holds and protects your MSAT G2 satellite phone equipment and power accessories. This package makes it quick and easy to install an MSAT G2 in any vehicle for temporary, rapid response requirements.

This package includes a metal housing for the MSAT transceiver with hardened power and antenna connection points. This can be placed on the passenger seat, floor or dash of your vehicle without taking up valuable space in the cab. Once the phone is set up, the Pelican case can be stashed in the trunk, again, saving valuable space in the cab.

Multiple power options give you greater deployment flexibility, and you can add additional “Response Series” products to meet your needs.

Why Choose Response Series Packages?

Our communications packages are designed on a modular basis, which means you have more options and more flexibility for deployment.

We’ve scraped the “one-case-fits-all” approach, where cases would often contain communications hardware and power systems for the following reasons:

  • They are large
  • They are heavy
  • Built-in batteries are often forgotten about, meaning they are dead when you need to use them.

Here’s why the modular concept of “Response Series” communications packages is better:

  • You can stash the carry case out of the way once you’ve set up your equipment—saving valuable desk space, or seat space (when being used in vehicles).
  • You can add accessories, such as external battery packs, if desired or when needed.

MSAT G2 Satellite Phone

Designed for use on the Ligado MSAT Network, The MSAT G2 satellite phone supports North America-wide Push-to-Talk and telephone voice communications.

A great satellite phone for commercial-grade applications, the MSAT G2 works where and when you need it.

Learn more about the MSAT G2 satellite phone


MSAT G2 Vehicle Response Case (with all components inside)

  • Dimensions: 19.78″ x 15.77″ x 7.41″ (50.2 x 40.1 x 18.8 cm)
  • Weight: 21lbs