MSAT G2 Satellite Phone

$USD 4,749.95

When reliable, continuous connectivity is required, choose the MSAT G2 satellite phone. It supports push-to-talk and standard telephone voice communications across North America. The auto-tracking antenna makes this perfect for use in vehicles, and it’s easy to install in buildings.

MSAT G2 Satellite Phone

MSAT G2 Satellite Phone – Features:

  • Auto-tracking, weatherproof antenna stays locked onto the satellite in mobile (vehicular) applications.
  • Supports push-to-talk (PTT) and regular telephone communications.
  • Handset includes a (PTT) button
  • Backlit handset.
  • Suitable for installation in buildings, vehicles and grab-and-go transportable kits.
  • For office use, add a PSTN adapter to the MSAT G2 and connect a standard telephone set.
  • For quick and easy set-up in the field, transportable kits and accessories are available.
  • Can interface with existing land-based two-way radio infrastructure.
  • Provides low-speed data connectivity for sending/receiving email and downloading weather reports in remote areas/where cellular or landline connectivity is not available.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Available for land-mobile (Vehicular), marine (Vessels) and fixed (in building) configurations.
The MSAT G2 satellite phone is best for the following functions:
  • Telephone Calls
  • Push-to-talk, two-way radio style communications
  • Fleet communications for vessels or trucks
  • Emergency Communications via dedicated talk-groups
The MSAT G2 satellite phone comes with the following:
  • Autotracking mobile radome antenna
  • Transceiver
  • Handset
  • 20 ft antenna cable with TNC male connectors
  • User manual.

Flexible Communication Options

Designed for use on the Ligado MSAT Network, The MSAT G2 satellite phone supports North America-wide Push-to-Talk and telephone voice communications.

A great satellite phone for commercial-grade applications, the MSAT G2 works where and when you need it.

Two voice-communication modes give great flexibility. Use telephone mode to make regular phone calls to landline, cellular and other satellite phone networks, or use the push-to-talk radio mode to conduct secure one-to-one or one-to-many conversations.

For quality communications-on-the-move, attach the tracking antenna to a vehicle’s roof with our optional magnetic mounts.

Extend the range of a land-based two-way radio system with an optional interface that relays messages via the satellite.

An Excellent Back-Up Communications Tool for Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity

Because the MSAT G2 is supported by Ligado networks geosynchronous MSAT satellites, it can provide reliable and continuous coverage once a connection has been established. This means no dropped calls—so it’s the perfect way to affordably link your critical operations centres  in order to maintain telephone connectivity when nothing else works.

If you’re located in British Columbia, Canada—Ask us about the EMERGNET BC service plan, offered exclusively from Chroma SATcom.

EMERGNET BC is a specific plan available to emergency management and preparedness agencies in British Columbia. It acts as a province-wide communications network, designed to increase interoperability between subscribing agencies in the event of a large-scale disaster.

A Great Choice for Fleet or Communications

With MSAT G2, you can connect your fleet of boats, cars, trucks, buses or even multiple office locations within North America.

Using PTT communications over MSAT, you can speak privately from one MSAT phone to another. Or, with a push of a button, talk to your entire fleet all at once in broadcast mode.

One of the greatest benefits about PTT communications is that your fleet can communicate with each other 24/7, 365 days per year, for one low monthly rate.

Manufacturer Warranty

This product has 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty.