Custom Corporate Satellite Airtime Plans

You Have Specialized Communications Needs. We Understand Them.

If your agency relies on satellite communications to get things done, keep people safe, track assets, or monitor devices in remote locations, we can reduce your costs with a customized satellite airtime plan.
Exclusive to Chroma Communications, we are pleased to offer custom satellite airtime plans to government and business clients to meet their specialized communications needs for the following Iridium and Inmarsat satellite services:


  • Iridium Phone Plans
  • Iridium GO! Plans


  • Inmarsat BGAN Satellite Data Plans
  • Inmarsat IsatPhone Plans
  • Inmarsat IsatHub Mobile Satellite Data Plans

Fully Customizable*

When we say custom, we mean it! We have the unique ability to offer you custom monthly or prepaid plans to suit your organizational needs and budget. If you want more data included every month, we can do that. If you want specific minute allowances, we can do that too.

Customize your plan with specific:

  • Standard IP data allowances
  • Streaming-data minute bundles
  • Voice minutes
  • SMS messages
  • Voicemail services

Do I Qualify For a Custom Airtime Plan?

Due to the time involved in creating a customized satellite airtime plan, this offer is limited to organizations using (or activating) multiple satellite-airtime SIM cards (plans) on their account. The required minimum SIM card amount varies by network and service. Please see the following breakdown for details regarding how many SIM cards are required, per account, before you can qualify for a custom plan:


  • Phone Plans – minimum 15 SIMs
  • Iridium GO! Plans – minimum 15 SIMs


  • BGAN Satellite Data Plans – minimum 12 SIMs
  • IsatPhone Plans – minimum 15 SIMs
  • IsatHub Satellite Data Plans – minimum 10 SIMs

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*Some limitations apply, please contact us for more information