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Iridium GO! Satellite Hotspot

Keep Your Smartphone Connected. Anywhere.

Use your smartphone anywhere on Earth with the Iridium GO! satellite hotspot.

Talk, tweet, email, share images, send a GPS message or SOS alert and even access weather forecasts with the Iridium GO!

No matter where you are, you can use this pocket-sized mobile device to establish a satellite-backed Wi-Fi hotspot for delivering reliable voice and low-speed data services to and from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Iridium GO! First Impressions

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Iridium Go! Is Global and Easy to Use

Supported by Iridium, the world’s furthest-reaching satellite network, Iridium GO! is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to keep you connected when you’re beyond the range of terrestrial networks.

How It Works:

Simply flip up the antenna and the Iridium GO! will automatically turn on—quickly connecting to the Iridium Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellite network. Once connected, the Iridium GO! creates a Wi-Fi satellite hotspot with a 100-foot (30 metre) radius.

You then pair your smartphone or tablet the Iridium GO! WiFi signal, and use the Iridium GO! App (on your mobile device) as the primary user-interface.

Up to five mobile devices can connect to the Iridium GO! at the same time (via the Iridium GO! App), but only one can be used to make a phone call at any given time.

Can I Use the Iridium GO! to browse the Internet?

Realistically, no. While the Iridium GO! can theoretically be used for web-browsing, the Iridium satellite network does not offer high speed data—it is simply too slow to make Internet browsing enjoyable, effective or worthwhile—so we do not recommend it.

Can I Use the Iridium GO! For Email?

Yes. There are two ways to do this—both of them rely of specific third party apps that compress data information for faster email message transfers:

    • Iridium Mail & Web Application (Free App):
      • You must register for a specific “” email address.
      • You cannot access your existing work and personal email accounts with this app.
      • All email activity is done through your “” ” email address.
    • Ocens OneMail (App with paid service):
      • You can access your existing work and personal email accounts with this app and service.
      • Supports most IMAP services such Gmail,Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, icloud/mac/, as well as the primarily business-based MS Exchange-based mail services! In fact, OneMail supports so many IMAP mail services in version 2 we can’t list them all.
      • Use OneMail to quickly check the mail directed to your personal or business mail service, your ‘target’ mail account, from any point on earth.

Take it anywhere

Iridium GO!’s portable, battery operated, and rugged design makes it easy to take everywhere.

Dust-proof, shock-resistant and jet-water resistant, it features military-grade durability (MIL-STD 810F) and has an ingress protection rating of IP65.

Stow it in your pocket, backpack or briefcase, or mount it in your vehicle—whether that’s a truck, boat, airplane, or all-terrain vehicle. The Iridium GO! will keep you connected wherever your work or adventures will take you.

Our Exclusive Iridium GO! packages!

Simplifying Global Communications For All

Whether you need to conduct business remotely, respond rapidly to any situation, or simply stay in touch with family and friends, the Iridium Go! is perfect for:

      • Global and business travelers
      • Emergency and first responders
      • Adventurers and explorers
      • Remote residents and vacationers
      • Pilots, boaters and truckers
      • Executives and diplomats
      • Governments and NGOs

Iridium GO! Physical Features and Display

iridium go physical features and button descriptions

Iridium GO! Tips on Efficient Operation

tips to use the iridium go effectively
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Iridium GO! Airtime – Monthly & Prepaid

Affordably Turn Your Smartphone Into a Satellite Phone:
An Iridium GO! device can be activated on any of our Iridium satellite airtime plans, even plans that are meant for use with Iridium satellite phones—there are lots of options. Whatever plan you choose, there are never any roaming charges—just a flat, per-minute and per-message rate no matter where you travel. If you need affordable, global communications on your smartphone, the Iridium GO! has you covered.

You get the following benefits with any of our Iridium GO! Plans:
– FREE incoming calls & text messages.
– FREE Voicemail Service.
– 1 month minimum contract for monthly GO! plans
– After-hour customer support

Iridium GO! Monthly Plans

Pricing in USD GO! 5 Plan GO! 75 Plan GO! 150 Plan GO! Unlimited Plan
GO! Data Minutes
5 75 150 Unlimited Data
Up to 150 voice minutes
Text Messages
Unlimited Unlimited


$ 49.95

$ 74.95

$ 99.95

$ 124.95

1 Month
Minimum Contract
Activation Fee
$ 25.00 $ 25.00 FREE FREE
Airtime Rates
(out-of-bundle rates)
Outgoing GO! Data
$ 0.99/min $ 0.95/min $ 0.80/min Unlimited
Outgoing Voice Calls
$ 1.25/min $ 1.25/min $ 1.23/min $ 1.20/min
(after using 150 voice mins)
Outgoing Texts
(per SMS message)
$ 0.50/SMS $ 0.40/SMS Unlimited Unlimited
Purchase View Plan View Plan View Plan View Plan
Plan Name Monthly Fee Included Airtime Activation Fee Incomings Calls & Texts Outgoing Calls & Text* Outgoing Data Session* Minimum Contract

GO! 5

$69.95 5 data/voice mins. $30.00 FREE $1.50/minute, $0.25/text $1.25/minute 1 Month

GO! 75

$108.00 75 data/voice mins. $30.00 FREE $1.50/minute, $0.20/text $1.00/minute 1 Month

GO! 150

$129.95 150 data/voice mins, Unlimited texts $30.00 FREE $1.45/minute, Unlimited texts $0.75/minute 1 Month

GO! Unlimited

$159.00 150 voice minutes, Unlimited data, Unlimited texts $30.00 FREE $1.40/minute, Unlimited texts Unlimited 1 Month

Iridium GO! Prepaid Plans

Pricing in USD GO! Adventurer GO! Business
Included Data



Price $ 499.95 $ 749.95
Validity (months) 6 mo. 12 mo.
Activation Fee
$ 25.00 $ 25.00
Unused Minutes Rollover?
Purchase View Plan View Plan
Pricing in CAD GO! Adventurer GO! Business
Included Data



Price $ 669.95 $ 999.95
Validity (months) 6 mo. 12 mo.
Activation Fee
$ 25.00 $ 25.00
Unused Minutes Rollover?
Purchase View Plan View Plan

Get the best rates for Iridium satellite data:

While you can use the Iridium GO! with any Iridium plan, choosing a GO!-specific airtime plan will give you the best data rates. If you plan to use your email a lot, or download weather forecasts/updates regularly, then one of our Iridium GO! specific plans will be the most cost-effective.

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