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Portable satellite Internet products provide a high-speed satellite data connection wherever you go. Use them with your smartphone, tablet or laptop for high-speed, secure communications—unrestrained by local land-based telecom infrastructure or services.

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Chroma offers a large selection of portable satellite Internet products to suit a variety of needs and usage scenarios. Typically, these products are about the size of a laptop, lightweight and easy to pack around for deployment in any location. Portable satellite Internet equipment (typically called “satellite data terminals”) must remain stationary for proper operation. So if you need a mobile solution for connectivity in vehicular applications, visit our mobile satellite Internet page.

To achieve the full Internet experience from a portable satellite Internet connection, you’ll need a satellite data terminal and a subscription to a monthly or prepaid high-speed satellite data service, such as BGAN, iSathub or Global Xpress. These three services are supported by the Inmarsat network the only globally available options that will let you browse the Internet using a portable satellite data terminal.

Let us explain:

To effectively browse the Internet using satellite technology, you need a high-speed data connection—which can only be achieved over a stable satellite link. Geostationary satellites remain in a fixed position in space—and therefore can offer the stable, uninterrupted connection required by your portable satellite Internet equipment—giving you the higher speeds needed to browse the Internet with ease.

How fast is high-speed?

A high-speed portable satellite Internet connection is likely still slower than the normal household, office or cellular connection that you’re accustomed to. Aside from the stability of your satellite link, your equipment’s antenna size also impacts the speed of your satellite data connection—the larger the antenna, the faster the speeds will be.

Portable Satellite Internet Equipment

Get the best solution:

So far, we’ve talked a lot about satellite Internet services, and little about the equipment used to access them. Truthfully, it’s more important to understand the satellite Internet services—If they don’t match your needs there’s no point researching equipment.

How to Choose a Portable Satellite Internet Product

Start by researching which satellite data service fits your needs. Each of these services can only be accessed by a collection of specific, compatible equipment. There are more equipment options than service options—so first decide on a service, doing this will narrow down the equipment choices and dictate which ones you should examine further. The following steps will help you out:

Portable Satellite Internet: Step 1 – Choose a Service

First, decide which service meets your needs. Chroma can help you establish the satellite connectivity you need to stay productive and safe wherever your work or adventures take you.

We offer the IsatHub Satellite Data Service, a low-cost satellite service that provides high-quality voice and data connectivity for users on land—it is not a suitable service for marine or aviation applications.

Currently, the Isathub service can only be accessed by one product. The iSavi—a small satellite hotspot that gives you satellite voice and data connectivity on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The IsatHub service is best for:

Individuals who need reliable connectivity for less intensive data applications, such as basic Internet access, email, etc.

Learn more about our IsatHub Services.

Our IsatHub service offers the following basic capabilities to portable satellite Internet users:

  • Data speeds up to 384 kbps download and up to 240 kbps upload. Currently the fastest speeds available for a service of this class.
  • Simultaneously browse the Internet and make a phone call.
  • Use your existing smart device as normal, even when cellular connectivity is not available.

While our IsatHub service offers slower data speeds than our BGAN service, the equipment and airtime costs are a bit less. If only need a reasonably fast satellite data connection, IsatHub is the service for you.

Get the full details about IsatHub service from Chroma Communications:

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Inmarsat’s BGAN Satellite Data Service is for land-based, portable applications and can be accessed through panel-style antenna equipment of varying sizes, typically referred to as “BGAN Terminals”.

This service is best for:

Individuals and small teams of people who need regular connectivity for less intensive data applications such as basic Internet access, email, etc.

BGAN is the perfect service for portable office communications, and can also be used for bandwidth-intensive data streaming operations like remote news broadcasting. Learn more about our BGAN Satellite Data and BGAN Streaming services.

Our BGAN Service offers the following basic capabilities to portable satellite Internet users:

  • Data speeds up to 464 kbps (varies by satellite Internet terminal being used).
  • Simultaneously browse the Internet, make a phone call and send an email.
  • Communications from anywhere. Portable BGAN equipment will only provide connectivity in stationary situations. It is meant for setting up in remote locations or when anywhere/anytime regular telecom services are unavailable or unreliable.

While our BGAN service offers slower bandwidth than a VSAT service option like Global Xpress, the equipment costs are typically much less. You can still use this service for bandwidth-intensive operations like news broadcasting/video streaming, but you’ll require a class 1 mobile BGAN terminal such as the Explorer 710 or Hughes 9211.

Get the full details about BGAN service from Chroma Communications:

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Use it for bandwidth-intensive operations such as remote news broadcasting, or for sites in remote areas or disaster-struck regions where large teams of people need reliable connectivity.

The term “VSAT” stands for “very small aperture terminal.” This type of service is accessed through satellite dish-style antennas.

Global Xpress VSAT service plans are not specific to land or marine applications, but are used with land- or marine-specific equipment depending on your situation. Inmarsat’s Global Xpress service provides much faster data speeds than BGAN because the antennas on VSAT-compatible equipment are much larger. When it comes to satellite data—the larger the antenna, the faster the data speeds.

While there are numerous satellite networks that provide VSAT service, not all of them offer global connectivity. That’s why we choose to exclusively offer Global Xpress. It is a high-speed solution that relies on rapidly deployable, easy-to-use equipment that will work almost anywhere on Earth.

Inmarsat’s Global Xpress VSAT service is the first high-speed VSAT service to provide global coverage, and it is much faster than BGAN. For land-mobile applications it can be accessed through collapsible, auto-deploy, auto-seeking satellite dish equipment that can be mounted to a vehicle roof. These are typically referred to as Auto-Deploy Dish Systems. While Global Xpress-compatible equipment is more costly than that for BGAN, the airtime usage charges are much cheaper. Expensive equipment can be hard to justify at times, but the extra savings on operating costs can make a big difference for some customers.

Get the full details about Global Xpress services from Chroma Communications:

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Portable Satellite Internet: STEP 2 – Choose Your Equipment

Finding the right product requires a bit of research. You probably don’t enjoy sifting through countless product options and specifications, so we want to help narrow down your options as quickly as possible. Once you’ve decided which service (BGAN or Global Xpress) will meet your mobile satellite connectivity needs, choosing the equipment becomes much easier.

Portable satellite Internet equipment for iSatHub

There is only one option compatible with the iSatHub service: The iSavi Satellite Hotspot.
This product is designed for users who want satellite connectivity on their smartphone or tablet. It can be used with a laptop, but it’s most ideal when paired with a mobile device. The iSavi provides data and voice connectivity.

IsatHub Isavi Satellite Hotspot

  • Data speeds up to 384 kbps.
  • Wi-Fi: YES
  • Mobile Friendly
  • An affordable solution for satellite internet on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
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isavi satellite internet hotspot turn your smartphone into a satellite phone

isathub isavi satellite hotspot for smartphones and tablets and laptops
Portable satellite Internet equipment for BGAN

The following portable satellite Internet terminals are compatible with the BGAN service:
These terminals are specifically designed for extreme portability without sacrificing the quality of data and voice connectivity.

explorer 510 bgan terminal angled
Explorer 510

  • Data speeds up to 464 kbps.
  • Wi-Fi: YES
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Smallest BGAN terminal.
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explorer 710 portable bgan satellite internet terminal antenna and transceiver
Explorer 710

  • Data speeds up to 492 kbps.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • streaming up to 650 kbps.
  • Detachable antenna.
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hughes 9202 portable satellite internet bgan terminal
Hughes 9202

  • Data speeds up to 464 kbps.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Two-line RJ11 for voice & fax.
  • Mobile Friendly
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Hughes 9211-HDR BGAN Terminal-Front left
Hughes 9211

  • Data speeds up to 492 kbps.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Streaming up to 650 kbps.
  • Ext. ant. connector.
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Portable Satellite Internet equipment for Inmarsat Global Xpress

The following portable satellite Internet terminals are compatible with our Inmarsat Global Xpress VSAT services. While none of this equipment is truly portable in the traditional sense, it can be transported from place to place with relative ease. We typically call this “transportable” equipment, as some assembly is required. Regardless, these terminals are highly specialized for rapid deployment and easy assembly. Once they’re operational, they provide very high-speed satellite broadband connectivity.

Explorer 3075GX - VSAT Portable Satelite Internet Terminal - Front
Explorer 3075GX

  • Manual Acquire Signal
Explorer 5075 GX - VSAT Portable Satellite Internet Terminal for Globa Xpress Service - Front
Explorer 5075GX

  • Auto Acquire Signal
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