Sophie Cornellier

RATING: 10 out of 5 stars

We are sailors. We live on our sailboat and we are planning a circumnavigation on a extended time frame. We already have an SSB radio, but we wanted to have also a satellite back up opportunity. After reading a lot on the subject and doing some research it appeared that the best device for us would be to buy an IridiumGo device. Yes it is less expensive than the sat phone but also the package are more affordable. We still have to think about our budget!

Once it was established which device we would buy, I started to look at distributors. Since we where on the North American continent, I thought it would be easier to find a Canadian company (we are Canadian). I made a few phone calls and when I got the chance to get in touch with the crew of Chroma Communications, everything went easy! Nicholas de Jager who is our base contact is always available to answer our questions. The delivery went fast and easy. The device work fine. Every time I have a question I just write an email to the team and I have an answer in less than 24 hours. We have an outstanding service with the Chroma Communications Team.

This team knows exactly how to be helpful and ahead of what is needed. For us sailor, knowing that we have a good contact with them, even when we are at sea, is worth GOLD. It had to be for our safety.

Thanks for the great service we have with you. You can be sure we will stay with your team.

Sophie Cornellier